Computed Tomography (CT)


General Information:
Computed tomography, or CT scan, is a painless, non-invasive imaging test that allows physicians to look inside various parts of the body. A CT scanner uses a special X-ray tube and detectors to produce these detailed images. Unlike regular X-rays that look at only one part of the body, a CT scan looks at an entire area of the body, taking a “stack” of pictures, much like slices in a loaf of bread. Nearly any part of the body can be studied with a CT scan. Some common examples include:

The Brain: to help diagnose strokes, bleeding, tumors or other neurological conditions
The Chest: to help diagnose infections, tumors or blood clots in the lungs
The Abdomen: to help find causes of pain, diagnose tumors, or to see if a cancer has spread
The Neck: to look for infections or tumors
The Heart: to look for the early signs of heart disease using our state-of-the-art HeartVision imaging test

InnerVision Advanced Medical Imaging Center utilizes LightSpeed CT Scanner from GE Medical Systems. The LightSpeed computed tomography (CT) scanner is the world’s first FDA-cleared scanner that allows doctors to simultaneously capture multiple images of a patient’s anatomy. Called the single largest development in CT technology in the last 10 years, the LightSpeed CT Scanner’s advanced diagnostic features have the potential to provide better, earlier diagnoses, reduce the number of invasive procedures, and improve patient care.

Features and Benefits for Patients:
• Increased comfort and accuracy for patient
• Improved speed
• Less time needed for breath holds
• Improved performance, allowing for better 3-D images.

This CT scanner, in combination with our special Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS) computer system, allows our radiologist to analyze large amounts of information in an accurate and efficient manner. What this means to you and your doctor is the highest quality study with the results available in a timely fashion.

Preparation for an Upcoming Exam:
For all exams, please tell your doctor and InnerVision if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

Since a CT exam may require the use of a special iodinated contrast media, called intravenous contrast, most patients are asked to have nothing to eat or drink for 3 hours prior to arrival. Depending on the type of exam you are having, you may be asked to drink 32 ounces of oral contrast media that allows our radiologist to better visualize your stomach and intestines.

Save Time - Fill Out the Paperwork Ahead of Time!

Important Note to All Patients:
If you have had intravenous contrast in the past and have been told that you had a “reaction” to it (such as hives), please notify InnerVision directly (765.447.7447) as soon as possible. Also, patients with a history of an anaphylaxis reaction to any medication should contact InnerVision.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Exam:
Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time, which may differ from your table time depending if oral and/or I.V. contrast media is required. While you will NOT have to go through a lengthy registration process, you will need to fill out an information sheet. You will then need to change into a pair of “scrubs”. Depending on the type of exam being done, you may be asked to drink 32 ounces of an oral contrast media. If given oral contrast media, you will have a 60-75 minute wait to allow the iodinated contrast media to move through the gastrointestinal tract.

You will be placed on the CT table and the technologist will take a “scout” picture to localize the part of the body to be scanned. Once this is done, the technologist will come back into the room to start the injection of the intravenous contrast media, if needed. It is normal for the contrast media to give you a warm sensation. This usually passes in a minute or so.

Depending on the type of exam being done, you may be given breathing instructions and the CT table will move as pictures are being taken. The actual scan time in generally quite short since our Multi-detector CT scanner acquires images very rapidly.

When all of the needed images are acquired your I.V. (if one is placed) will be removed, you will be asked a few exit questions and you will be free to leave. You will be given an opportunity to fill out an evaluation of our services and make suggestions for improvement and/or tell us how we did to serve you that day.

Your images will then be reviewed by one of our board certified radiologists who will issue a timely report to your doctor.

Please contact us at 765.447.7447


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